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Benefit of working with us

Why work with us ?

Let us sooth your worries
1Do we really understand the production industry business ?
The authors, who all have a hands on, entertainment hire-industry background, are in an ideal position to exercise both experience and expertise. They produce programs that suit the user and address their daily challenges, rather than simply taking existing software and trying to make it work for the entertainments industries.
2How do we future proof our software ?
We have been writing and developing software for your industry for nearly twenty years. During this time many aspects of the production industry have changed. The rental management software we produce has not only evolved to keep pace with those changes, but in many respects has lead the way with innovations that are quite ahead of the curve.
3Have you previously experienced problems with technical support ?
All of our support team have previously worked in your industry, so they understand your problems and challenges. Additionally they all have access to the source code and have contributed to the development of the software which gives them unrivalled, in-depth knowledge. Where else can you pick-up the phone and if you need to, talk directly with a developer ?
4Are you worried about on going licensing costs year after year ?
When you buy a license for our rental business software you know up front what your costs will be. There are no additional modules which require extra payments, you simply pay for the number of concurrent or simultaneous users. If you want more users, then you just need to buy licenses to match the maximum number of users that will want to run the software at any one time. Licenses are shared across the employees and freelancers in the business. New purchases include a period of free technical support and so the only additional cost is if you wish to extend that period, which although not mandatory, is highly recommended. To help you keep your support up to date, we'll send you an expiry reminder in plenty of time and even offer you a 30% discount if you renew on time.
5Do you find software difficult to learn or adopt ?
When we design our rental management software, we do it in a way that we'd be happy to use ourselves. It's written specifically for your industry by people who've had hands on experience, so all the "special ways of doing things" are taken in to account. We aim to mimic common paperwork systems, which makes learning simpler & quicker and we build flexibility in to the software so that it works for you, rather than you working for it.
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