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Why we are different

Creativity is more than just being different.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our rental management software is designed to provide you with guaranteed satisfaction.
We listen to you so that we can deliver a product that you can have confidence in - a product you can trust.

Industry Experience

Navigator Systems rental management software can boast a unique difference from other packages on the market.
The authors, who have an entertainment hire background, are in an ideal position to exercise both experience and expertise.
They produce programs that suit the user, rather than taking existing programs and trying to make them work for the entertainments industries.
Our clients tell us that we stand out from the competition because we understand their working processes, not just the industry and not just our software. This comes from over 22 years of helping our clients to improve their equipment rental businesses.

Customer Care

Your customer experience matters to us and we are committed to ensuring that our software works smoothly and efficiently for you.
We consider customer feedback to be one of our most useful resources for improving our product & our whole customer experience, so we will actively listen to your concerns and suggestions. Any issues that arise will be taken very seriously by us and resolving them will be a priority.
If our customers are not happy, we are not happy - and we all want to be happy.

Product Uniqueness

  • Our policy is that the rental management software we sell is the software we would want to buy.
  • The programs were written with the usability firmly held in mind. No obscure menus and shortcodes that only one or two people can understand.
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