HireTrack NX Rental Software and hire software training options


The only thing worse than training employees and having them quit, is not training employees and having them stay.

William H. Vanderbilt, Railroad magnate

  • Are you struggling to get the best out of your staff ?

  • Do you ever think "There must be an easier way to do this, if only I knew how ?"

  • Do you feel that you are missing out on some of the things your software can do ?

    Rental Software Training Overview

    Training is often viewed by those in the production business as unnecessary or frivolous. However, it is one of the best investments you can make for your company. While HireTrack's easy to use interface allows for quick implementation, the truth is that the depth of the program can prove a steep learning curve for most users. To aid our customers in getting to that next level in their business, Navigator Systems offers a variety of training options.

    On Site Training

    End User Training

    The most popular type of training is on-site at your premises. One of our trainers will visit you for a day or more and train your staff in situ on how best to use the rental software to carry out their day to day tasks.

    Training the Trainer

    As an alternative to the above, we can visit you on site and take one or two members of your team through the intricacies of the whole software package, so that they can then pass their knowledge on to other members of the team.

    Internet based Training

    One to one

    One to one internet based training allows users to interact with a trainer for a short period of an hour or two, to discuss and be trained on a specific area of the rental management software. This is great for customers that have previously attended a full training course and now require either a refresher or have expanded the business and require some advice on best practices. The one to one internet training is sold in blocks of four hours but may be utilised an hour at a time.

    Self help training

    On the Zendesk portal there are many videos and articles explaining "How to...." carry out various task that users will find useful.

    Classroom based training

    Training Class

    This course is primarily aimed at end users, who will be trained to set up the system; creating quotes, checking equipment out, scheduling crew and transport, and generating invoices. The course is held at a purpose-built IT training centre. Each delegate has their own terminal to ensure that they get hands-on experience with the system and learn how to fully integrate it into their daily business practices. Delegates from several different companies will attend this course and so it's a great opportunity to talk to peers from the industry and discuss how they run their operations.

    Expert Implementation

    Moving forward

    Once you've bought your rental management software system, what's the best way to make sure that you get the most out of your investment?
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