Meet the Team - Paul Toms - Senior Rental Software Developer - Navigator Systems

Paul Toms

Senior Software Developer

+44 (0) 207 183 0011

As Senior Software Developer at Navigator Systems, Paul Toms often confounds his friends and family who, knowing that he has very little interest in computers and gadgets, can't understand why he doesn't make his living from writing, or selling second hand cars!

Entirely self-taught, Paul came to programming partly out of intellectual curiosity and partly because, as a former HireTrack V1 customer, he couldn't help think that he could make the program better and better.

Initially taken on to write reports and add-on tools for HireTrack customers, Paul eventually moved into the role of writing the core code for both HireTrack Eclipse, HireTrack NX and RentalDesk NX, a job that he thoroughly enjoys. But he rarely uses a computer when he isn't working!

Customers who need to chat to Paul will testify that he doesn't fit the stereotype of your average “techie”; and his candid, often salty verbal style is known for putting even the most “IT timid” customer at ease when they need to work out often quite advanced software requirements. A talk with Paul is always a jargon free zone.

Paul is married, has two children, and counters his somewhat sedentary working life with regular 10k runs, plenty of swimming, and the occasional triathlon.

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