Richard Cresswell is part of the Navigator Systems team

Richard Cresswell

Technical Director

+44 (0)207 183 0011

Richard Cresswell, father of three and self confessed geek is the Technical Director at Navigator Systems.

Richard introduction to the industry started in the 70's, running a small PA and disco but spending all the money he earned on designing speakers and new equipment.

After studying Physics at university, Richard spent a year designing military radio with Racal Electronics plc, before starting Midnight Design, a lighting company in London. This was a hectic time designing the first digital dimmers and computer controlled lighting desks. However 3 years later, Richard left to get married and get a 'straight job'. Within 4 years, he had become the head of an electronics / software consultancy company and working on early parallel processing and robot vision systems.

However the call of the entertainment industry was just too strong and so he rejoined Midnight Design to run the growing specialist technical parts of the company.

Whilst designing bespoke systems for many clients, Richard noticed there seemed to be no way to reliably manage the shows and equipment within the main hire part of the company and so getting together with David Rose they decided needed to write something to do it. As this was too far outside of the the main business of Midnight Design, Richard left with David to start Navigator Systems.

Within Navigator Systems, Richard's role is to use his talent for doing things differently, to find new ways of solving problems.

Outside of work, Richard enjoys playing in a band, Amateur radio and other nerdy hobbies. Richard can still be found on site a couple of times a year to keep in touch with the show side of the industry.

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