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We migrated from a very dated text based system to a Hiretrack NX after careful deliberation and reviewing several systems in mid-2014.

Taking time to fully understand how the system works with its idiosyncrasies of core stock, composites and aliases is critical to enabling you to achieve the most from your installation and proper planning prior to implementation will give you the best results. The migration took 6 months and a further 6 months of refinement until we were entirely comfortable with the final program.

The reporting functionality of Hiretrack NX is definitely a strong attribute. Whilst there is built-in reporting, Navigator will write bespoke reports inexpensively to give you exactly what you need in order to drive your business profitably and without any hesitation I can advise that our ROI on key assets has improved as a consequence of custom HireTrack NX reporting and implementation. So much so, it is like having a completely bespoke system though with much less pain and cost!

Another key area which it is also very strong is its ability to raise and manage multiple equipment lists and invoices for a given job and also the way that it handles missing/damaged inventory control and consequently the recharging of these costs has also improved considerably for us too. So much so that I would estimate that for a 25 user system, including considerable custom reporting, the system has probably paid for itself within one year of proper implementation.

Support for us was crucial and Navigator support has really been excellent. They run a ticket system so that you can keep track of all current and past issues and have a priority field, so if a problem is URGENT, then they will drop everything to fix your problem. This has only happened a couple of times but it is reassuring to have confidence that help and support is there if you need it.

Finally, the program since its rewrite in 2014 has been in constant development and new features are added to each update. The team at Navigator are always interested in new ideas to improve it, so if you take the time to talk to them and explain your ideas, then they are usually open to this too. We are even looking forward to the integration of NX and our phone system later this month.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with our choice of program to run our Hire division and we are planning to stay with Navigator for the long term.

Barry Bassett

Manging Director, VMI.TV Ltd

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