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Visitor Counter (Multi-user)

The visitor counter app is tally counter that allows you to count visitors in and out of your theatre, club, venue, event, pub, shop or store.
Multiple personnel, managing different doors, can run the app on their device, counting visitors in and out.
Each door attendant can immediately see how many people have entered and departed through their door along with the current total occupancy of the building.

Each app talks to other copies of the app via WiFi over the local network (technically the devices need to be on the same IP subnet).

The app is available free of charge to help businesses ease out of lockdown.
Coming soon to iOS.

Press Release

Free app to help ease lockdown lifting

Bath, UK – Navigator Systems have launched a free app to assist in monitoring building occupancy.

As we slowly come out of lockdown and see more shops and cafes opening back up, venue managers are starting to plan how they will cope once they are also allowed to open. They are having to think of innovative ways to comply with the rules whilst maximising the number of customers who can safely use their venue, at the same time giving those customers the confidence that their safely is assured.

At Navigator systems, we have developed a new mobile app that could be a very useful solution to keeping track of the numbers in a venue at any one time, ensuring that compliance with the rules is always maintained.

The free app, called “Visitor Counter”, allows door personnel to count visitors in and out, so at any time they know exactly how many people are inside. The clever bit is the inbuilt app to app communication, so no matter how many door personnel there are, and how many doors allowing visitors in and out, the management team and door staff to know exactly how many people are in the venue at any moment.
This allows them to halt new admissions as soon as the safe capacity has been reached, and restart admissions as soon as the numbers allow.

Managing director David Rose said that he came up with the idea while watching reports of department stores and open air venues reopening in Italy. “The footage showed door staff using mechanical clickers to count the number of customers entering the premises, and then using walkie talkies to report the numbers to a central figure keeping track for the whole venue. This seemed over complicated and produced a delay in knowing the total number of customers in the venue, potentially allowing more people in that were strictly allowed”. David realised that if the count could be recorded on an mobile device and the devices could communicate with each other, each member of door staff would have an accurate count figure and could concentrate on customers rather than reporting figures through a walkie talkie and waiting for a response. The management team would also have real time numbers and could prove their compliance.

This free app could prove a useful tool in managing the safe reopening of venues, at no additional cost.

Although currently available for Android devices, the Apple version is expected to be released within the next week.

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clip art showing the visitor counter in use  clip art showing the visitor counter in use  clip art showing the visitor counter in use

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Screenshot visitor counter app login screen Screenshot visitor counter app conter screen Screenshot visitor counter app management screen

About Us

Bath based Navigator Systems released their first event production software package, TestTrack, early in 1995, followed shortly by their HireTrack rental management software package, which won the coveted “Award for Product Excellence” at that year’s PLASA (professional light and sound association) exhibition.
Since then Navigator Systems’ rental management software packages have been installed at hundreds of sites around the world and translated in to many languages.
Always striving for new innovations, over the past 25 years, Navigator Systems have continued to address the software needs of the live events industry.

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